It Was a Tuesday

She had the most beautiful laugh. You’d know just seconds before it would happen, too. Her eyes would light up, the crows feet at the corner of her eyes deepening as her smile widened. Her cheeks would become rosy, looking as though she applied the most delicate of strokes of blush. Then would come the music. The laugh itself. The sound would dance through the air and anyone around would be drawn to it, smiling themselves.

She brightened up a day with that laugh. She could make the dreariest of days a few shades brighter. When she threw her head back, laughing with all her body, everyone was drawn in. It was unstoppable once the effect started.

Over the years, her smile and laugh never faded. Not a day would go by without it. She found beauty and humour in everything.

A seagull trying to get the last fry from a McDonalds bag. The meowing of her smallest kitten. The silly face of her beloved. She was easy to please, easy to amuse.

It was a Tuesday when the clouds finally consumed her sunshine. The cold was the only warning. The wind came fast, the clouds obscuring the last little bit of those rays. The sun was covered, taken away. The air felt as though it became heavier, harder to breathe in. Then the rain. The rain soaked the ground, washing away the happiness. Taking away those persistent streaks of laughter finally.

It was a Tuesday when she was taken away from us, her laughter forever gone. It was a Tuesday that forever changed our world.


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